Last week the Access Advisor team went to meet Samantha Marshall from AAA Play.

AAA Play stands for Access for All Abilities Play. This program is all about providing a platform to connect people with a disability or accessible needs to sports and or recreational activities in Victoria.

We wanted to find out a little more about the program at AAA Play and what it means for our community.

The program is funded by Reclink Australia which is a government funded, Victoria wide resource to improve inclusion of disability in sports and recreation in the community.

The vision of AAA Play is to ensure that there is a positive experience for all in relation to everything sport and recreation and allowing awareness of the avenues for social inclusion.

The team at AAA Play not only provide information on programs, workshops etc, they also provide the service of working one on one to find out an individual’s interests to connect and them with options in their local area. Anything from Lawn Bowls to All Abilities Gymnastics. Dancing Lessons to Wheelchair Basketball, Vision Impaired Archery to All Abilities Fishing, there is a large variety of programs available.


AAA Play connects people with a recreational interest throughout Victoria. It’s about encouraging people to get out and about and creating awareness of the opportunities for them.

There are four avenues they provide to connect with them for assistance in your search.
Their Website:
Telephone: 1800 222 842
Or of course, connect through Social Media :

After Meeting with Samantha and finding out more about the program, we have to say, we LOVE it.  It’s a fantastic initiative of the State Government. Samantha shared with us the highlight of her role is when they are able to link a person up with a sport or activity that they enjoy. “Being part of a positive impact is great”.

We are very proud to work alongside AAA Play and help spread the word of this resource for our state. Families, friends, schools, facilities and the like, should all be spread the word ensuring that anyone in the Victorian community is aware of the program and feel encouraged.

“Get out and give it a go”